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Expert Training Event


Why should I participate?

Forensic Psychological Services (FPS) has been conducting risk assessments since its inception in 2009. Prior to that our experienced team of clinicians worked in similar services since 1996.

Being aware of the level of risk and the specific risk factors pertaining to a perpetrator is crucial in determining how best to manage a case and make important decisions about access and supervision. However, in our practice we are frequently faced with misconceptions about sexual offending and risk.

Many professionals who do not routinely work in the area of risk assessment and management experience pressure to make important decisions about a child’s family relationships without having a full understanding of how to use the information they have been given to make such decisions.

What will I learn?

This training aims to provide a basic understanding of sexual offending and risk of recidivism. It will:

  • Address different types of sexual offending and baselines for recidivism

  • Provide an overview of measures that assess risk of recidivism

  • Explain the differences between static, dynamic, and acute risk factors

  • Give meaning to the different risk categories derived

  • Identify ways to help reduce the assessed level of risk

The training will invite the active participation of participants and may challenge traditionally held views regarding sexual offending and risk.

How will it benefit me?

Participants will

  • develop a better understanding of sexual offending, recidivism, and specific risk factors

  • learn how to interpret risk assessment reports

  • learn how to use the information from risk assessment reports to manage cases and to make decisions in the best interests of the child

Who will facilitate this training?

The training will be provided by two senior clinicians with extensive experience in this area.

FPS specialises in providing tailored assessments and interventions to individuals, families and organisations facing a wide variety of legal difficulties. These include criminal charges, custody and access issues and victimisation through crime, accident, or discrimination/harrassment. FPS also provides services to individuals with complex needs and support requirements along with supervision and training to professionals.

When is the next training?

This is a 1-day training programme conducted on a regular basis at various locations throughout Ireland.  Services can also book this training as an “in-house” event for their staff. Please contact us for further information. Our training can be adapted as required. 

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Cost: €150pp

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